Flu Spikes in Alaska

More than 680 Alaskans have reported coming down with the flu since October. Two Alaskans have died from the disease, both identified with the H1N1 strain, better known as swine flu.


Dr. Brian Yablon with the Alaska Dept of Health…


Dr. Yablon: “We’re one of ten states that was defined of having widespread flu and what the really means is that over half of the regions, in fact all of the six boroughs that we define, are having flu activity right now.”


Officials say that although the numbers are high right now, they’re expecting many more cases before the flu season is over.


The H1N1 flu infecting mostly the young and middle-aged.


Swine flu was a major concern in 2009, and the AK Dept Health says this year they’ve made improvements to the flu vaccine so that it now covers that strain.

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