Flood Victims Trickle In For State Assistance

The State Disaster Center open in Soldotna this week for K-Beach flood victims has been closed. Borough Mayor Mike Navarre said the response was smaller than expected…


KPB. Mayor Navarre: “Part of that maybe as a result of some confusion about just what it means and we think that as word of mouth gets out more in that community that was the most heavily impacted we’ll see some additional people come in and apply for it.”


Ongoing support is offered through a State hotline, according to Jeremy Zidek with the Dept. Homeland Security…


Zidek: “The hotline will be open for some time. It will begin Saturday, December 7th and run through the 8th from 9am-6pm. After that first weekend, it will run Monday through Friday 9am-6pm, so it will give people an opportunity that first weekend to apply online and telephonically.”


To apply: Call toll free 1-855-445-7131 or apply online at Ready.alaska.gov/IA


As victims are preparing their end of year tax information, we also checked in with accountant Jim Duffield about whether there will be tax breaks related to the damage…


Duffield: “Really that’s probably going to affect them more on their Borough taxes. If they go to sell and they are able to sell and they’re selling at a big loss, then yes, they’re going to want to keep any documents that prove that the decline in its value was due to this disaster, so when there’s a calculation on whether they owe a tax on what may be a loss or a gain of that, that can be documented.”


Since there is no state income tax in Alaska, Duffield said it’s unlikely there will be a tax break related to the state-declared disaster.

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