Flood Victims Gather To Speak To Borough

Posted: November 7, 2013 at 6:00 am

Last night Borough Mayor Mike Navarre along with multiple agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, allowed the public, consisting mostly of flood victims, to ask questions pertaining to future prevention of high ground water and flooding of the K-Beach area.


Emotions ran high when the public was allowed to speak openly on the subject as well as ask the Borough questions about what to do with a basement full of water.


We spoke with Mayor Mike Navarre about what he took from the meeting.


Mayor Navarre: “I think this meeting tonight was very good, I think a lot of different people turned out actually a lot more people turned out obviously they’re dealing with a lot of different issues and are struggling with a lot impacts so I think we’ve put out some good information and we’ve heard from a lot of people and going forward I think that the borough and the state folks are going to work in coordination to try to figure out both short term and long term solutions the best we can.”


Mayor Navarre said the borough as well as Emergency Management is going to make an effort to personally visit some of the more heavily impacted homes.


Mayor Navarre: “They’re not going to be able to visit every home that was impacted but they’re looking to get a representative picture of what’s going on so they can present that to the Governor’s disaster cabinet who will then recommend to the Governor and the Governor will make a determination.”

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2 Comments to “Flood Victims Gather To Speak To Borough”

  • 40 BullMoose says:

    The Borough should review all their maps of real estate to identify all the “low” lands unsuitable for building. From this data the Borough can rein in the developers when they apply for permits. No study required as this is not “Rocket Science,” just common sense!

  • Steve Wright says:

    11/7/13 This is the perfect opportunity to use U A V’s or Helicopter Drones to survey the entire area within hours instead of days or weeks.
    Give this some thought, What can You see from a Highway or Gravel Road, even with binoculars. Very Limited Views.
    The U A V can inform you immediately when a area is beginning to Flood.Photographic Evidence Real Proof there is a Problem.

    U A V’s can Save Lives & Property SPW