Flood Assistance Deadline Tomorrow

For those affected by last September’s damaging storms, applications for state individual disaster assistance will close tomorrow. We spoke to Jeremy Zidek from the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management…


Zidek: “All of your listeners in the Kenai Peninsula Borough are eligible to apply for that if they sustained damages. There’s two separate programs that we’ve activated to help homeowners and renters that have had damages and that’s our state individual family grant program and also our temporary housing program. So if folks don’t have a place to live because their primary residence was destroyed or damaged to a degree that they can’t live there, they can apply for assistance.”


To date, there have  been 391 applications. and you can continue to apply until midnight tomorrow.


Zidek: “We have been receiving a high volume of applications, so we know that there’s people out there that are still interested and we want to make sure they apply before that November 20th deadline. If they miss that deadline, our options for helping them really dwindle.”


To get more information or apply for assistance, call 1800 445 7131 or visit Disaster Assistance Applications.If you can’t get through to that number tomorrow, leave a message and your call will be counted as on time.

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