Fishing Group Turns to Younger Leadership

The Kenai Peninsula Fisherman’s Association last night elected a “young,” “energetic,” and “tech-savvy” Board of Directors at their annual meeting, according to KPFA President Rob Williams.


Three departing members were replaced by Andy Hall (former Alaska Magazine editor), Travis Every, and Sarah Hudkins.


Paul Shadura II was reappointed to his seat, and Todd Smith was elected as an Alternate Director.


The Board is now:


Robby Williams- President
Norm Darch- Vice President
Matt Tikka- Secretary/Treasurer
Travis Every- Director
Sarah Hudkins-Frostad- Director
Andy Hall- Director
Paul Shadura- Director
Todd Smith- Alternate Director
Joseph Pearson- Alternate Director


Williams said he was excited to see so many younger people stepping up, with most of the new appointees in their late 20’s or early 30’s. He said this Board will be more communication-oriented, which will be necessary as the 2013 fishing season shapes up.


After hearing yesterday’s guest speakers from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Williams said it appeared the set net fishery will be managed with precaution. He anticipates extended openings when the East Side Set Net fishery is put in the water, but other closures as the Department eyes low King Salmon counts.


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