Fishery Related Issues Still Lingering in Juneau

A number of fishery related pieces of legislation were left pending as the State Legislature adjourned Sunday night.

Of the 24-fish related measures that were brought before the legislature, four passed, two were resolutions, one was an official request and a bill about general procurement rules passed. The resolutions were one opposing approval of genetically modified salmon or to require labeling if it does go to market, one urging Congress to fund three national security cutters and home port one in Kodiak, and another requesting the North Pacific Council to further reduce the take of Chinook salmon as bycatch by trawlers.

Measures left in limbo include one aiming to give a priority to personal use fishing when restrictions are in place; also, an Act related to controlling  aquatic invasive species and related funding.  Another measure that bit the dust would prevent spraying herbicides and pesticides within 150 feet of salmon streams, and within 600 feet of drinking water sources


Funding was included in the State’s capital budget for  Chinook salmon research.

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