Fishermen Protest At Anchorage Wal-Mart

Alaska fishermen grabbed protest signs yesterday at the South Anchorage Wal-Mart store.


Kurt Haider in Anchorage has the story.



Haider: “Their complaint is over a decision by corporate Wal-Mart officials to not sell salmon unless its source was certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, or another program. Fishermen say most Alaska seafood processors are no longer affiliated with the Marine Stewardship Council. Gov. Sean Parnell had earlier written Wal-Mart that among the concerns with the council, is what he called the “inability to maintain a consistent standard definition of sustainable management.” The protest comes a day before state officials plan to meet with Wal-Mart executives in Arkansas. A Wal-Mart spokesman says “the meeting will give the state the opportunity to explain Alaska’s own certification system, which the company is considering for alternate certification.”


That meeting was held today in which Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development’s Commissioner Susan Bell said “We thank Walmart for engaging in our discussions today, we are optimistic that Walmart will recognize Alaska fisheries as sustainable business.”




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