Fisheries Alliance to Sue the State

The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance will sue the State over the Lt. Governor’s recent decision to deny an initiative to ban set nets in urban areas.


Matt Singer, the Alliance’s Legal Counsel said they’ll pursue legal action since the State is “wrong on the law.” He called set nets an “antiquated” fishing method. Board Member Bob Penney agreed that set nets are a fishing method of the past.


The lawsuit was filed in Anchorage Superior Court earlier today.


AFCA Executive Director Clark Penney said, “We believe the decision by the Lieutenant Governor and the Alaska Attorney General is contrary to Alaska law.”


He continued to say; “We hope for a quick resolution to this matter so we can start collecting signatures and begin thestatewide debate on the

damage set nets do to fish stocks and the need to stop their use. The public deserves the right to vote on this issue.”


The goal is to have the initiative on the primary ballot in August 2016.


During today’s teleconference, AFCA representatives faced a number of questions about their dedication to conservation, including whether they will pursue other measures like limited entry for guide activity, closures around spawning areas, the true number of kings caught by set nets and the use of the word “bycatch” when referring to set nets taking in king salmon.

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