First Soldotna Schools Meeting Starts Strong

The first meeting of the Soldotna schools realignment committee was held last night at Soldotna Middle School.


Pegge Erkeneff with the school district said the group, led by Doug Hayman, Transitions Facilitator, was highly respectful and asked the hard questions…


Erkeneff: “I think as it went around the table several times, and Mr. Hayman did a really good job bringing forth: ‘What is the issue, where do we want to start with?’ The biggest questions I heard that I think need answers are: what is the 9th grade house going to look like? What is the definition from the state and what’s it going to look like in this district? That was one area, probably the biggest area that I heard. The second area that came up for immediate questioning was around funding and how is this going to get paid for if we want to make recommendations?”


Erkeneff said she feels confident that the committee is on track and engaged with the wider community…


Erkeneff: “Everybody had a voice, everyone was listened to, everybody had an opportunity to participate, come to consensus. They’re asking good questions, they’re talking to community members, to their classmates, to the employees at their sites, so they’re bringing forward good information. They’ll continue to gather good information. They’ve tasked Mr. Hayman with some other things that he needs to bring back them meanwhile, before we meet the next time on September 24th.”

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