First Look at Board of Fish Proposals

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has just released the packet containing proposals for next year’s Board of Fish meeting. At the heart of the 394-page document is over 200 pages worth of proposals on the Upper Cook Inlet fisheries.


They include requests for lower escapement goals, limits on additional fishing time, closer monitoring of trawl fisheries by-catch, and much more.


Roland Maw of the United Cook Inlet Drift Association said their main focus was on correcting political interference in the fishery…


Maw: “Due to political pressure from folks in the valley, Representative Stoltze primarily, threatening the Department to either restrict the drift fleet, or he  was going to take money out of their budget, the Department gave in and restricted us the only day that was supposed to be unrestricted, so we ended up with four out of the four days where we normally fish in the middle of the Inlet were restricted to the Corridor. That’s just absolutely got to change.”


You can view the entire packet here: 2014 Board of Fish Proposals.


As we’ve previously reported, Fritz Johnson has replaced Vince Webster on the Board and will help adjudicate these issues prior to receiving legislative confirmation.

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