First Commercial Opening Good For Drift, Slow For Set Nets

Commercial fishermen in the Upper Cook Inlet saw their first regularly scheduled opening yesterday. Pat Shields, Area Management Biologist with the ADF&G, said there were mixed results…


Shields: “Yeah, we had a commercial fishery yesterday, Monday, for 12 hours, and it was a pretty good day for commercial fishermen, especially drifters. 430 boats or so went out, caught about 250,000 sockeye salmon. That’s not unusual for this time of year, but it is a good catch. On the east side, fishing was a little slower for the set nets on the east side of Cook Inlet, we have about 35,000 sockeye that were caught on the east side, with much of that coming down in the Ninilchik area, or the furthest area south in the East Side Set Net fishery.”



Shields said sockeye escapement for the Kenai River right now is about where they like to see it, though escapement in the Kasilof River is a little high. They’re continuing to monitor the situation.

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