Firewise Community Workshop at Sterling Community Center

The National Fire Prevention and Education Team will host another Firewise Community Workshop at the Sterling Community Center from 6:30-8:00 pm this evening.


Sam Patten with the team spoke with us about how yesterday’s Funny River Community Center workshop went.


Patten: “So we had a turnout of about 40 people and we made our presentation on a little bit about the fire but mostly looking forward to what folks can do on their own property to reduce the fire risk and make it easier for the firefighters by taking a number of individual steps on their own property and these are called the fire wise principals and they’re well established and they’re tested so we’re trying to get out information about cleaning up the debris in your yard, clean up the dead and down, increase the spacing in your trees, make sure your gutters are clean.”


He said there were fewer people at the Tustumena Elementary School meeting but was glad to see participation in both communities.


Patten also added that the Sterling community meeting tonight would likely cover about the same materials.

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