Fire Crews Fight Fire North of Kenai Airport Last Night

Crews with the Kenai Fire Department, along with the State Division of Forestry were busy last night fighting a wildfire between lands owned by and to the northwest of the Kenai Airport and the Woodlands subdivision.

Battalion Chief Tony Prior with the Kenai Fire Department said that the call came in right around 6:45pm…


Batt. Chief Prior: “We responded four-units out there, and found a fire that was started in the woodlands out there, northwest of the airport. We dispatched Forestry crews right away, and their helicopter came over and gave us a bigger size up of it. We had our hand crews out there doing some stuff, and then, Forestry had three Type-6 crews and a couple Type-7’s out there and their Helo. It quickly became something that we could do a unified command with.


Prior told us that aircraft flying over the area had spotted the smoke and reported it to the Kenai tower, which relayed the message to fire crews.


We asked Prior if there was any threat to structures…


Batt. Chief Prior: “No potential risks to the structures, just in a wooded area, kind of in a spot that hard to get, lots of muskeg and swamp and mud out in that area.”


Forestry crews remained on scene and conduced “mop up” on the fire last night, and into this morning.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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