Final Town Hall Meeting for Streams Ordinance Tonight in Moose Pass

The Borough Administration’s Anadromous Stream Protection Task Force will hold their final scheduled town hall meetings tonight. Tonight’s meeting will be held at the Moose Pass Community Center in Moose Pass beginning at 6:00pm.

Borough Chief of Staff and Task Force facilitator Paul Ostrander outlined  how the information gathered during the town hall meetings will be used..


Ostrander: “There going to take all these comments into consideration, and then that amendment, I’m sure, will be modified in some way, and those comments will be taken into consideration.”



Task force member Fred Braun, however, has publicly questioned holding such a meeting in that area of the Kenai Peninsula…


Braun: “You know, that was mentioned that the next meeting will be in Moose Pass. Moose Pass defiantly is  still on, and at this point, I don’t really see the worthiness of having it there but regardless, I will attend. Don’t believe there will be that good of turn out, with so many of the Seward folks not really being affected, and the Cooper Landing people, so many of those are, of course a lot of them are seasonal people who aren’t here in the winter, so we’ll see what happens.”


You can view the Task Force’s proposed amendments to KPB 21.18 HERE.

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