Final Month to Complete GED

We’re now in the final month of the current GED standards as more rigorous, computerized testing is rolled out in 2014.


The new GED standards were introduced by the federal government to correlate with the Common Core State Standards.


KPC’s Suzie Kendrick said it’s important to be proactive about completing the tests by the end of December…


Kendrick: “Come the first of the year, everything is being thrown out and all of the new standards are coming in and the reason that’s an issue is there’s three different tests for the GED its broken down to math, reading comprehension and everything else. The rub is, is that if someone has done two of three tests and say they’re still working on math which tends to be the one people have the most trouble with, they will have missed the boat and all of that work that they had done on those other two tests will no longer be applicable.”


Kendrick said anyone wanting to take a GED test should call KPC at 262-0330.

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