Final Day For Free Trash Collection

Today is the final day of the annual Peninsula clean up, as bulky items are collected and hauled away. We spoke to Kenai City Manager Rick Koch…


Koch: “Nancy Carver in the Planning Department needs to be notified or contacted by the end of the work day today to schedule those pick-ups. And those pick-ups are for non-hazardous material, obviously, but things like old mattresses or washers and dryers, refrigerators  furniture. Bulky items that may difficult for some folks to get to the dump.”


Koch said the Borough had also helped by waiving fees at the landfill. Mayor Navarre said he appreciated the efforts of the community.


KPB Mayor Navarre: “The activity that was ongoing, where they had some help from commercial operators, we did waive the fees in order to try to make sure that we can have the area as cleaned up and beautiful for residents and visitors alike.”


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