Final Day For Fish Comments

Today is the final day to submit on-time comments for the Board of Fish meetings in Anchorage later this month.


There are some options for submitting late comments, which you can find by clicking here.


In the 394-page packet of proposals are over 200 pages devoted to the Upper Cook Inlet. The proposals range from tying together restrictions on all fisheries, to closing spawning areas to sportsfishing, to ending the 24-hour openings of the dip net fishery.


Kenai City Manager Rick Koch said he was personally surprised by what he’s read…


Koch: “It’s more of a personal observation, not one that necessarily reflects my having a city manager hat on, but there were some pretty severe proposals in there that were aimed at eliminating or severely restricting the use of the asset by certain groups.”


You can view the entire packet here: 2014 Board of Fish Proposals.


As we’ve previously reported, Fritz Johnson has replaced Vince Webster on the Board and will help adjudicate these issues prior to receiving legislative confirmation.


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