Filing Period For Kenai Election This Week

The City of Kenai is gearing up for their municipal elections this fall. Kenai City Clerk Sandra Modigh said that nominations to appear on the city’s ballot begins this week…


Modigh: “We have our nominating petition, the filing period begins August 1st through August 15th, the petition will be uploaded to the website, or can be picked up here at the Clerk’s office. Our regular election is October 1st, which is the first Tuesday in October, our last day to register to vote is September 1st, so if anyone needs to update their voter registration, now would be the time. Additionally, absentee voting begins on September 16th, so we’re looking forward to getting as many voters out as possible.”


The council has voted in the recent months to send a number of potential changes to the city’s charter to voters in the City of Kenai, the October ballot will also feature two-council seats, and the election of Mayor for the City of Kenai.

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