Fewer Sportsfishermen on the River With Continued Limitations

Sportsfishermen are facing ongoing restrictions with anglers only permitted a single, unbaited hook. We asked Ricky Gease, Executive Director of Kenai River Sportfishing Association, said it’s having a noticeable impact on local waterways…


Gease: “Any time you put restrictions on King Salmon fishing, there’s going to be less participation. So, the current restrictions – no fishing above Sunken Island – brings everybody down to the lower section of the river. The no bait restriction reduces efficiency by about half, and there’s a corresponding reduction in the number of people who go out and fish for King Salmon, so there’ll be fewer people out on the river this year.”


Gease said he agrees with the ADF&G’s precautionary approach this year…


Gease: “It’s nice that the Department was doing genetic testing on the Kings that were harvested in the set net fishery. The majority of those, so far in June, were of Kasilof origin. The Kasilof has had closures along with the marine rec fishery. The set net fishery is operating with regular openings so far, in a day or two here for EO time.”


Gease said he’s watching to see that the Kasilof King escapement is sufficient for an egg take this year, to ensure future hatchery operations.

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