Federal Judge Dismisses Alaska/EPA Lawsuit

A lawsuit brought by the State of Alaska against the federal Environmental Protection Agency has been dismissed from a U.S. District Court, due to “lack of subject matter jurisdiction.”


State Senator for Nikiski Cathy Giessel has previously explained that the EPA’snew low-sulfur fuel regulations for ships near the U.S. coast will unfairly impact Alaska. Giessel said the vast majority of all Alaskan ships travel within that zone.


Sen. Giessel (R-South Anchorage): “They’re actually still having to create the fuel that they’re requiring by 2020. So this is an incremental thing that is going to require several million dollars a year per vessel in fuel costs alone. And, as I said earlier, our supplies are shipped up totally in the 200 mile limit that this applies to.” 


Giessel said it would affect prices for everything from groceries to cruises. The Governor agreed, saying: “The EPA’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is unsupported by proper science and modeling in Alaska, and fails to consider and balance impacts on Alaskans. We will ask the court to intervene to try to stop this federal drag on Alaskans and our economy.”


The State Department of Law says it is now considering an appeal.


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