Federal Healthcare Enrollment Still Available

There are officially 94 days left to enroll for federal healthcare through the healthcare.gov website, though one of the early deadlines passed on December 24th.


Open enrollment for the Federal Healthcare Exchange is available until March 31st and there is a three month grace period for penalties starting January 1st, Doug Brown with Brown Agency Insurance explains.


Brown: “Folks that don’t have anything in place actually won’t be penalized, well there is a ninety day grace period on it you can go all the way through the end of March without incurring any penalty that %1 penalty that’s going to apply next year. Right now those folks that have not enrolled yet that need to go to healthcare.gov to get their federal subsidies, they won’t be able to activate coverage until February 1st.”


Brown said depending on when you enroll will effect when you can get coverage.


Brown: “You have to enroll by the 15th of January to get a February 1st effective date, if you go after that its going to push you out to March 1st.”


To see a more comprehensive layout of those deadlines visit the healthcare.gov What key dates do I need to know? page.

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