Federal Government Releases Court-Mandated Funding for Tribes

Last November native tribal leaders met with President Obama in Washington D.C. for their fifth annual summit.


Jaylene Petersen-Nyren, Executive Director of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe, said one of their top proprieties was securing funding for native health care. This week, the Indian Health Service agreed to the funding.


Petersen-Nyren said it was frustrating at first…


Peterson-Nyren: “There is a lot of change coming forward. I think that the trust responsibility is being taken more to heart when it relates to the federal government’s responsibility to Alaska Natives and American Indian people. We are here to ensure that we have contract cost support funding for all of the programs that we provide on behalf of Alaska Native and American Indian people. And there was a Supreme Court order that states that contract support costs are to be paid in full, and that’s something that should be non-negotiable, but here we are negotiating for those contract support costs.”


The IHS agreed to $66.2 million for Alaska’s facilities, including $10.6 million for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe, $20.1 million for the Tanana Chiefs, $12.5 million for Barrow, $11.2 million for Southcentral Foundation, $8.4 million for Norton Sound, and $3.5 million for Copper River.

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