FBI Releases Video Of Israel Keyes Interrogation

As they try to identify his other victims, the FBI has released video of the interrogation of confessed serial killer Israel Keyes.


The video comes after the FBI released a timeline last week of Keyes travels across the country before his arrest last year in the murder of Anchorage teenager Samantha Koenig.


Interrogators become frustrated in the video, with Keyes’ refusal to give further details, all the while Keyes tries to maintain control.



Keyes: “So far it has gone according to my agenda as much as it can the issue is, there’s still a lot of time to pass for whether I get what I want and if I give up all my cards right away then that’s it, I have no control over what happens.”


Roughly 6 months after the June 7th interview, Keyes killed himself in an Anchorage jail while awaiting trial on federal charges for kidnapping and killing Samantha Koenig.


Though Keyes did confess to several other murders before his death, the FBI believes he had 11 victims in 10 states, the FBI will release further information in hopes the public can fill in the gaps.


The full video can be found here.


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