Family Remains Hopeful, Asks for More Volunteers

Organized searches for the missing Kenai family continue daily and relatives request volunteers for another weekend effort.


Rebecca’s sister Lanell Adams spoke with us about her family staying hopeful.


Adams: “It’s hard sometimes but we have to, we are still really hopeful they’re going to return home safe and we’re going to find them, KPD is still working really hard, FBI is still working really hard, everybody is still working really hard to bring them home and still really trying to spread word because I think it’s kind of starting to die off a little bit because of how long its been but we’ve been making ribbons and giving them out around town just to kind of get it going again.” 


She added that organizers are working with local volunteers to assemble another search this Saturday.


Adams: “We’re trying to get some people out, it’s probably not going to be as big as the last one but we’d like to get another one going, we’d like to do another big line search probably in a little bit of a different area, meet in the same area, we’d love to have ATV’s too, if they’d like to come out.” 


Adams said any and all volunteers are welcome and thanked those who have been working on the searches.


The search is set for Saturday and anytime throughout the week volunteers can check in at Incident Command which is set up on California Ave near the family’s residence in Kenai.

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