Family Continues Search for Wallace Dunn

The family of 81-year-old Wallace Dunn is continuing their search, but have discovered little. Dr. Dunn, a retired ear, nose, and throat doctor from Anchorage, hasn’t been seen since July 11.


Dunn: “In the last couple of years, he’s gotten a little confused when he’s driving his truck, and he doesn’t walk that much, so we believe that if he’s outside of the Big Lake area, he’s probably confused and may not know where he is or who he is. Because if he knew, I think he’d be in contact with us.”


Dr. Dunn’s daughter, Kim, said her father’s grey Ford F-150 was found parked and locked in the Big Lake area, but they have been searching as far south as the Kenai Peninsula.


Anyone with information about the disappearance of Dr. Dunn is asked to call 9-1-1 or post on the family’s Facebook page.


Kim said her father walks with a shuffling gait and is around¬†5’7″ weighing 165lbs.

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