Eye Protections Paramount for Local Anglers

With more red salmon hitting the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, Brad Nelson, Safety Officer with Central Emergency in Soldotna has told us that those heading to fish need make sure that they have proper eye protection..


Nelson: “You name a spot, it’s probably had a hook in it at one point or another. Big dangerous one though is eyes. You still see a lot of people out there that aren’t wearing eye protection. Even on cloudy days or something like that, you don’t have to a dark sun-glass on, just something to protect your eyes, preferably a safety rated glass. ‘Cause what happens is, these hooks or weights or something get caught on something inside the river, or they think they have a bite, and they go to jerk on the line and that thing will pop out and come flying right back at ya, and those weights or the hooks themselves will get you right in the eye, and if you’re not wearing safety glass, the glass itself can hurt you as well.”


CES crews also told us that river fisherman need to make sure that they stay hydrated.

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