Expect Aggressive Drifter Action: ADF&G

Commercial fishermen are today fishing their regularly-scheduled Thursday opening, with a two-hour extension this evening. Drifters will also be opened again tomorrow from 9am to 9pm. Pat Shields, local area management biologist for the ADF&G said this is a pattern likely to continue…


Shields: “You will be seeing Emergency Orders come out now often on a pretty aggressive use of the drift fleet. You’re going to see that we’re doing out best with using the set netters, fishing regular periods and some limited amount of extra time, to control sockeye the best we can. And then watch the King numbers with a very hopeful eye that they would continue to improve – which they are. They’re improving slightly each day.”


Shields said there wasn’t a particular point at which they would open the fisheries further, but…


Shields: “And were hoping we can get to a point here pretty soon where we feel more comfortable with tha t number, the King Salmon number, and then we could begin to use the set net fleet even more.”

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