Even Warmer Weather Possible for Peninsula

Meteorologist Dave Snider with the National Weather Service says high pressure in the west may keep temperatures high on the Kenai Peninsula.


Snider: “Really more of the same looks to be in the forecast. Temperatures will hover in the mid 60’s to to even lower 70’s over the next 3, 4, 5 days or so. The chance of rainfall should be going down in the near-term. There’s an opportunity for things to dry out a little bit more, so it’ll probably be getting a little bit hotter than the last several days.”


Snider said the moisture and warm temperatures helped build last night’s unusual thunderstorms…


Snider: “With last night’s rainfall and the storms in the area, about 1.94 inches fell in the area, so, there’s some places that could have seen a little bit more, maybe a little bit less, but it looks like the heat of the day and the moisture that was moving through the area really contributed to a pretty decent downpour for the western parts of the Kenai Peninsula.”

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