Ethical Challenge As Murphy Missteps

Posted: August 16, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly President Linda Murphy is facing a badly-timed ethical challenge as she gears up for reelection this October.



During a public discussion on CARTS funding, Murphy described a specific citizen and revealed…


Assy. President Murphy (Soldotna): “And he failed to pass the drug test to drive for CARTS.”


At least one community member was furious and responded at the last Assembly meeting…


Hartline: “We know that sorry isn’t really sorry unless there’s an action to go with it, which is why a mere verbal apology without action seems to me to be like pouring salt in the wound. It either shows that she’s not really sorry, or it shows a lack of character and integrity. Either way, she’s demonstrated conduct unbecoming an elected representative of this community.”


And here’s part of that apology, shared by President Murphy at the recent meeting of the committee of the whole…


Assy. President Murphy(Soldotna): “I was wrong to make the remarks I made. I didn’t mention any names but apparently although there was nobody in the public here, it’s gotten out that I made those remarks. I’ve apologized to the person.”


Although it was alleged Murphy violated HIPAA regulations, attorneys in the State Attorney General’s office said that’s unlikely to be the case, since HIPAA only applies to medical practitioners. Instead, attorney Kelly Henriksen said…


Henriksen: “Something that would have to be looked at is our Constitutional right to privacy in the state of Alaska. And so, that would be one aspect of what I would look at if I was a lawyer involved with that, would be the Constitutional aspect.”

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