Erin’s Law Stalls in Committee

A scathing Erin Merryn blamed a handful of lawmakers for the death of a “Erin’s Law,” which would require sexual abuse education for Alaskan students. Merryn has been traveling across the country, to petition states to educate children from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade about “safe” and “unsafe” touches, and to report any suspicions of abuse to authorities.


The bill, introduced by Anchorage Democrat Geran Tarr, died in the House Finance Committee yesterday.


Rep. Tarr(D-Anchorage): “Erin Merryn herself is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and she’s a courageous young woman who has made it her personal mission to get this law passed in all 50 states.”


Merryn wrote on Facebook: “Unfortunately several Alaska Representatives ignored my message and have failed the children of Alaska. Shame on them!”


She said lawmakers perceived the bill as sex ed, but argued that it doesn’t fit that category, since it wouldn’t require education about pregnancy, STDs or contraception.


Merryn said she “won’t be returning to Alaska” and called on locals to champion Erin’s Law and “protect kids instead of failing them.”

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