EPA Releases Final Study, Final Chapter in ‘Sad Story’

Posted: January 15, 2014 at 1:10 pm

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has released their finalized Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, concluding that a gold and copper mine in the Bristol Bay area would likely devastate the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery.

Based on the actual size of the mine, the EPA estimated it could destroy up to 94 miles of streams. That damage would happen just in the pre-mining build-out, according to report authors, and involve 5 to 22 miles of salmon spawning and rearing streams.

Northern Dynasty Minerals – now the sole partner in the Pebble Partnership – called the assessment the “final chapter in a very sad story.”
President & CEO Ron Thiessen said the report doesn’t offer any direct recommendations, and won’t stop the Partnership from continuing to develop plans for a mine in the area. He said: “We believe EPA set out to do a flawed analysis of the Pebble Project, and they certainly succeeded with both their first and second drafts.”

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5 Comments to “EPA Releases Final Study, Final Chapter in ‘Sad Story’”

  • Joe says:

    This is great news!!! Northern Dynasty needs to pack up and head out!!

    Thanks EPA for protecting this great area!!

  • Andi Flanagan says:

    Oh boo hoo, to you’re “sad” story. This is the best news, outside of an outright veto, we could ever dare hope for! I wept when I read it yesterday. I have pled with Gaia to not let these monsters put a hole in her so huge it could be seen from space. The State would receive little money from the mine. The jobs fleeting and menial for Alaskans. Our minerals to a foreign entity(s) with little return ought to assuage the disappointment of the republicans with dollar signs in their eyes.

    Sometimes history, traditions, and a way of life is more important than gold around a rich lady’s neck. The minerals under the ground can be found elsewhere and are not in short supply. There are sacred things in this world that just need to be. Just be. Please, just let it be.

  • Josh says:

    I by no means, am a hippy or an eviromentalist, but I am completly against this mine. Its become cartoonish. Does the ceo have a cowboy hat and handle bar mustache? Does he do most of his work in a smoky office?Is he surrounded by dead animals on the wall, and large bags with money symbols on them? Get out of our state, you cartoon character. I never thought the words “thank the epa” would come out of my mouth, but here we are.

  • Ed says:

    Joe and Andi you both are fools to think you can make a call under emotional stress…. get a life!

  • Joe says:

    ED…………There is NO emotional stress with me!!! maybe there is with you, now that the EPA report is out.

    There was never any doubt in my mind that the area for the proposed Pebble Mine was about as bad an area that mankind could ever find to develop a large scale mine that would ecologically destroy the area.

    I have spent time exploring and fishing the Lake Clark-Bristol Bay area for the last 15 years. ED there is NO emotional stress from me………………….other than to help Northern Dynasty pack their bags as quickly as possible and get out of Alaska.