EPA Loses Records Related to Pebble Mine

The Environmental Protection Agency told a U.S. House government oversight committee Wednesday, June 25, that the agency has been unable to recover records related to Pebble Mine.


We spoke with Pebble Patnership CEO John Shively who said they had requested records from the EPA as part of a collaborative investigation.


Shively: “It became apparent to us earlier this year that there were some gaps, seeming gaps anyways in the emails that the EPA had provided us from Phil North.”


He told us why they had been requested.


Shively: “One of the purposes of the information requests that we made from EPA is because EPA had said that the whole reason that they started the watershed assessment from Bristol Bay because of a petition they recieved from several tribal governments out in the Bristol Bay region, what we do have from the information we’ve received is that actually EPA started working on this two years before they got that petition and Phil North was one of the moving forces behind talking about vetoing the Pebble Project before we get into the permitting process.” 


The EPA officially notified the National Archives and Records Administration yesterday of the loss of records.


Shively said that Phillip North is a retired biologist from the EPA who was evaluating the environmental impact of the proposed Pebble Mine.

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  1. ED M 29 June, 2014, 07:59

    Phil what are you up to again…? Please say retired!

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