EPA Fines Baker Petrolite, Salamatof Seafoods

Posted: April 19, 2013 at 5:02 pm

The Environmental Protection Agency has fined two Kenai companies a total of $53,000.


Salamatof Seafoods, a company which has reportedly been dissolved, was fined $45,000 for seafood wastewater permit violations. Suzanne Skadowski with the EPA explains…


Skadowski: “During a 2008 inspection that was done by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, they found that they had several violations of that permit, including: they had failed to monitor the seafloor and the area that they discharge  which is required under the permit; they also failed to make sure that they discharge seafood waste met the minimal size requirement under the permit and they also failed to repair one of their outfalls. They also failed to submit annual reports, which were supposed to contain information about the use and potential degradation of the sea.”



Skadowski said Salamatof did pay the fine before the company was dissolved.


According to Skadowski, the other $8,000 fine was applied to Baker Petrolite after the company reported to the EPA that it had mistakenly produced a pesticide in an unregistered establishment. That fine has also been paid, and was downgraded from an original $10,000 fine.


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2 Comments to “EPA Fines Baker Petrolite, Salamatof Seafoods”

  • BoDiddley says:

    Just more of the bloated federal beacrucy putting the screws to private enterprise through the imposition of regulations that make little sense and provide no value, other than as a way to damage business and collect revenues. Congratulations EPA, your war on American enterprise is alive and well.

  • Sweetie says:

    Thank heaven for the EPA!!! They will stop the Pepple Mine in it’s tracks. We need more Federal presence in Alaska to stop the destruction of our natural resources.