ENSTAR To Front Public Hearing on Price Rise

Enstar Natural Gas Co. will face a public hearing tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9am in Anchorage to explain the recent rise in charges, which were approved by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.


Enstar representatives from the utility will explain how the cost of gas is adjusted and why. The RCA says they were flooded with calls from concerned customers, but they’re not necessarily going to make any changes to their decision as a result of the public testimony.


We’ve previously reported that prices were increased as of July 1 by 48.5 percent, costing the average homeowner $40 extra per month. Enstar explained that the warm spring affected supply and demand, forcing them to purchase gas at a higher rate. The cost was then passed on to customers.


Enstar filed with the RCA a to increasing the GCA by over 32 cents per Ccf earlier this year.


The meeting will be held at the RCA office on W 8th Ave in Anchorage.


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  1. mike 22 July, 2014, 13:31

    Remember when they told us about the ‘gas storage’ plans and how that was going to make gas the new wonder fuel of the future, cheap, plentiful and how they were doing it all for you the customer.

    Remember? It wasn’t long ago, don’t tell me you forgot already.

    Well, after millions in subsidies and more millions in tax schemes, we, being the state, lost the millions and the ‘customer’, (that’s you too, by the way,) you’re paying a half again increase.

    Don’t go acting all surprised and don’t go getting all indignant, …you were warned.

    Don’t think some folks didn’t try to tell you this was exactly what to expect.

    Welcome to corporate controlled Alaska.

    Where the regulatory body tells the people ‘We aren’t responsive to the public, we stand by what we approve for profits and interests of the corporations.”

    Oh, and don’t forget to go to the ‘public meeting’, where they’ll explain to you how they’re going to pull it all over on you. It’s that old saw, ‘Supply and Demand’, …only, that describes a completely different process than the one they’re pulling off here.

  2. mike 22 July, 2014, 13:34

    I almost forgot, after the meeting, be sure to remember to vote Republican so you can help the corporations gain even more control over the state, ….the ‘state’ being you, of course. Be good little ditto head and help out those corporations with your vote.

  3. Sheila Graham 22 July, 2014, 14:22

    48.5 percent!!!…what à f’ing Nervé! …Really?!….r’un à gas pipeline to Homer under the prétense of making it more affordable for the hospital etc then jack up your price to almost double to All your other customers.Enstar execs & the régulators who approved this should be imprisoned!…..Would like for the one who came up with this plan to have existing customers pay for your gas line and expanded source of revenue come forward……I suppose your customers are responsible for global warming as well? Freakin jerkwads!

  4. Kerri 22 July, 2014, 20:44

    Customers, look up ‘supply and demand’ in any basic explanation of economics. When demand is DOWN, price goes DOWN. When demand is up, price goes up. This is why gold and diamonds are expensive (they are rare and difficult to obtain), & paper and plastics are cheap. Enstar’s explanation of the reasons for the increase is not economically sound or valid.

  5. John 23 July, 2014, 05:12

    If you think Natural gas prices are high now wait until, the new pipeline goes in, Agrium starts up again and Conoco Philips expands massively. Also ask yourself why is that you can buy gasoline and diesel cheaper outside the peninsula including Wa. state than at the 20 mile Tesoro 2Go less than 1/2 mile from the terminal where they load it and a mile from where it’s made where there are vvirtually NO transport costs.

    Most of the oil comes from right here in Alaska, Either from the north slope via Valdez Terminal or from Swanson river, or across the inlet at Drift River terminal. How ever we need to keep in mind that the oil and gas industry built Alaska and maintains it. Most of our year around economy is from oil and gas especially here on the peninsula. We have all the above named companies and sites and many many more including all the contractor companies that support them. They all provide a lot of skilled and unskilled jobs to our area. Even if you aren’t working in the oil industry directly or even indirectly you probably know several people who are.

    To sum it up yes Alaska’s government is horribly corrupt, one of the worst in the nation and that’s according to poles, and yes we pay out the nose for the byproducts but we benefit more than anyone else in the world from them being here. Without them the Alaska and the peninsula that we all know and love would not exist.

  6. mike 23 July, 2014, 09:49

    Wow, ….this ‘John’ says just forget that we’re corrupt, forget that we’re being fleeced, just imagine what we’d do without ‘them’.

    Well, John, some of us remember what we did without ‘them’. You and the rest of the boomers weren’t here and we did just fine.

    Just because you’re brainwashed and indoctrinated to spout corporate nonsense about what we’d do without ‘them’, don’t try to pass off that nonsense to people who know better.

    There’s no reason for us to stand for the corruption, there’s no need for us to be fleeced.

    Vote yes on repeal of SB 21. The oil companies aren’t going to leave but they can start paying what the oil is worth instead of it being given to them in exchange for Republican campaign donations.

    Vote YES and take back Alaska from the corporate welfare Republicans and vote them out of office.

  7. JCF 23 July, 2014, 17:39

    Kerri, while I agree with your assesment of supply & demand, as well as what Enstar is doing, I thought I would point out that diamonds are highly priced not because they are rare…they are highly priced because the release of diamonds into the market is strictly controlled by diamond companies to keep supply down (this is an artificial low supply, not an actual one). They are made from carbon which is one of the most abundant elemnts on Earth :)

    That Enstar is raising rates when supply is down is ridiculous. They just needed to buy more gas at a lower unit rate and store the excess, rather than buying a smaller amount at a higher unit rate.

  8. John 27 July, 2014, 14:15

    Mike, don’t be such a hater. For the record that isn’t even close to what I said or meant so I would appreciate it if you would not put words in my mouth. I am as apposed to the corruption as anyone else I’m just saying that if we didn’t have the oil companies here then we also wouldn’t have many of the other things we do.

    Corruption and government are synonymous the very definition of a politician is one who seeks a position of control over others and obtains a position to exert such control. Often that position comes by the way of corporate assistance and financing. And believe me, I am one of the first who will assert a high level of fascism in our government whether state or federal and it’s wrong, more prominent out of the republican party albeit but to be fair the democrat party is full of communists so you have a tie. They’re both equally socialistic the only difference is their particular flavor of who’s on top government or business.

    Your drawing a lot of assumptions and presumptions making accusations and pointing fingers. By the way what the hell do “Boomers” have to do with it all and how is it “there” fault. I think your just angry and ready to lash out at anyone to lay blame on. If you were here before they were then why did you let the devil move in and take over? And why do you assume that only republican politicians are responsible? Obviously because your a a foolish democrat.

    Don’t fall for the age old trap of the false right/left republican/democrat paradigm there’s not a dimes worth of difference between them, both parties are equally corrupt, and equally responsible for the direction things have gone and neither one give a damn about anything or anyone except whats good for them personally, their friends and the party. They both eagerly await their turn at the trough and slurp up as much as they can while they can.

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