Enstar Completes Homer Spit Natural Gas Line Installation

Enstar crews have finished work on a 26,105 foot long pipe gas main installation on the Homer Spit.


We spoke to John Sims with Enstar who said they’re satisfied but there’s still a lot of work ahead of them.


Sims: “We just actually completed work on the Homer Spit so that pipeline has been energized and customers are connecting as we speak and we’ve got about ten customers currently on the Homer Spit that have natural gas so that’s exciting. There’s a lot activity going on in the peninsula this year, there’s a lot of mile of main going in so Charlie and his crew are going to be very busy this year.”


He said Enstar has also finished a bore under the river to run more pipe down Funny River Road.


Simms: “So we were able to complete the bore going from one side of the river over to the Funny River side and they’re in the process of cleaning up the project so now we are waiting for the Funny River Road West usad and the status of the voting there to see if that project moves forward. It was a successful bore and everyone involved did a good job and we’re excited about the results.”


You can currently sign up for your service line through Enstar to be added to the 2014 installation list by calling the Homer Construction Office at (907) 435-0635

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  1. ron 1 May, 2014, 10:02

    Charlie and his crew are really happy that the public is being forced to pay for their company’s infrastructure.

    If you run a business in Alaska, why isn’t the public being forced to pay for your infrastructure?

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