Enroll Alaska To Be At CPH, Walmart

To help Alaskan sign up for the Affordable Care Act, aka ‘Obamacare’, Enroll Alaska is stationing licensed agents at two locations in the Kenai/Soldotna area.


Tyann Boling, COO for Enroll Alaska…


Boling: “We’ll have licensed agents at Central Peninsula Hospital, as well as Walmart, once the marketplace is up and functioning. Unfortunately, right now, the marketplace is not functioning. And next week, we will have our agents in those locations, and hopefully, the marketplace will be working and therefore, we will be able to start enrolling people.”


Boling said you will need to bring the social security numbers of all family members you want to enroll, and evidence of you expected income for 2014.


With all the personal information being shared between strangers, we asked Boling how they ensure their agents are trustworthy…


Boling: “One, they’re licensed through the State of Alaska to sell health insurance, two, they’ve all gone through background checks before they became employees of Enroll Alaska. There’s an extensive training process and certification process that all of our agents have gone through in order to sell insurance on the marketplace.”

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