Enroll Alaska Open for Business

After reports that the Obamacare website glitches have been fixed, Enroll Alaska is once again open for business. Tyann Boling, COO of Enroll Alaska, said they were notified by HHS that…


Boling: “The subsidy calculation errors have been fixed at healthcare.gov. After we did some extensive testing in the office, we were able to confirm that and also the functionality of the website has improved greatly. So, once we confirmed that yesterday, we started operations back up and started deploying our agents again throughout the state, and that will be occurring here over this week and next. We started enrolling individuals as of yesterday, we actually enrolled an individual yesterday and from start to finish it took 20 minutes.”


You can find contact details for Enroll Alaska on their website. Boling said to the best of her knowledge, the deadline to sign up is still March of 2014, with the deadline for January benefits set at December 15.

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