Enough Regulations, Fishermen Want Data

Todd Smith is one of the new board members for the Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association, but prior to his appointment, Smith was part of an independent group submitting proposals for the 2014 Board of Fish meetings…


 Smith: “There’s a lot of rules in the management plan now, and I think it gets to a point where it gets so cumbersome that it inhibits Fish & Game’s ability to make decisions in-season, and I think this year was the perfect example. It didn’t go how people expected. the sockeye all showed up in the Kenai River in a couple of days and then it kind of petered out, and everybody thought there was more fish coming and there wasn’t.”


Smith said he’d rather see the Department focus on new information, not new regulations…


Smith: “We don’t have a lot of current data on our habitat, in-river habitat, how the increased use in our river is affecting it. The Kenai sockeye and king management plan requires ADF&G to conduct habitat assessment studies and report their findings to the Board of Fish, and we haven’t seen a report published by ADF&G containing the results of the field habitat assessment for any fieldwork conducted after about ’99.”


You can view the entire packet here: 2014 Board of Fish Proposals.

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