End of Bear Hibernation Approaching

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game says number of human/bear encounters typically spikes in May. Local Area Biologist Jeff Selinger has seen just a few local bears waking up…


Selinger: “We’re not seeing a lot showing up yet, but we did fly our radio-collared sows last week. One was out, but she was sleeping right near the den and jumped right back in the hole when the airplane flew over. All the other ones still did not show any signs of emerging yet, but again those are adult females. They’re some of the last ones to come out usually, and we have had reports of a few bears out, and we did see one adult male out during that flight.”


Selinger said they’ve seen the brown bear numbers rising in recent years, which led to more liberalized hunting last season. At the point, he said it’s too soon to see how that’s affected the population.

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