Emergency Kits Made Simple

Emergency Kits don’t have to be a task too difficult to tackle. September is National Preparedness month, just in time for winter and the State of Alaska has a handy 24-week, step-by-step guide to making your own kit.


Glenda Landua, with the Borough Office of Emergency Management, said a 7-day emergency kit can be stored in a simple bucket.


Landua: “The basic message is that people need to be thinking about being prepared, rather than worrying about all the different kinds of emergencies or things that can happen. Being proactive and taking a few steps makes a really big difference, both in your confidence that you can deal with situations that arise, and then the actual ability to do it. It’s common sense, but it’s real important to put these basic supplies together.”


The plan lists several items you can add to your grocery cart each week, as well as several steps to take, to ensure you have everything you need if an emergency hits.


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