Emergency Flares Seen on Kenai River

The U.S. Coast Guard was called in last night after two emergency flares were seen near the mouth of the Kenai River.


Coast Guard Command Duty Officer Lt. Sarah Moran said Coast Guard helicopters and Kenai Police spent two hours searching for anyone in distress, but the search was eventually suspended. She said no further reports have been received and the area appeared clear.


Lt. Moran put the cost of the mission at just under $30,000 and said it’s possible the flares were part of an extended July 4th celebration. She asked that anyone who accidentally fires flares, or who witnesses flares being used in a non-emergency situation, contact emergency services to confirm that the situation doesn’t require an emergency response.


Lt. Moran said if you want to remain anonymous, you can also radio a response through VHF channel 16.

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