Education Bills Find Support in House and Senate

House Joint Resolution 1 received much more criticism in the State House than the Senate last week, however the proposed state constitutional amendment passed by a close 4-3 vote last Friday, February 7th,  in the House Education Committee.


The resolution would change a section in the Alaska Constitution that specifies state funding will not be used for private schools.


During public testimony both opponents and supporters voiced the idea that a voucher program would soon follow, including Wrangell Representative Peggy Wilson who opposed it.


Wilson: “I think that we haven’t really vetted it in a fair way and we haven’t looked at the cost. And I know some people are going to say well this is just to put it to the vote of the people. There are consequences from that and I think that that should be looked at too.”


East Anchorage representative Gabrielle Ledoux also stated her reservations but voted to move HJR 1 to the Judiciary Committee, where she also serves.


Last Wednesday, February 5th, the Senate Finance Committee also passed the companion measure Senate Joint Resolution 9.


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