Drug Use Detected Around SoHi

Posted: September 25, 2013 at 5:59 am

Soldotna Police have reported two cases of drug use near Soldotna High and Middle Schools over the weekend.


On Thursday just before 6pm, SPD were called a report of ‘suspicious activity’ near the schools. They responded to find a vehicle stopped in the area. In the vehicle, they found Wesley E. King, 29, of Soldotna, who was in possession of heroin. He was charged with misconduct involving a controlled substance in the third degree. He was also arrested for three outstanding warrants:  two for failure to appear on an original charge of theft in the third degree and another  for theft in the fourth degree.


King was taken to Wildwood and held without bail. The driver of the car, Emmy King, 33, of Sterling was issued a criminal citation for driving while license suspended and released.


Then, on Saturday, a second vehicle was reported parked in the same area. SPD found that the driver, Michael L. Miller, 18, of Homer, was in possession of marijuana. He was arrested for misconduct involving a controlled substance in the sixth degree and taken to Wildwood with a $250 bail.


Local police say they always appreciate public reports of suspicious activity. Kenai Chief Gus Sandahl said they want to hear if…


Sandahl: “If you saw a vehicle parked in a public place, someone just waiting, you saw them pull up you didn’t see them walk inside at all and then you saw another vehicle pull up and you saw a quick exchange window to window, how often are you doing that? How often are everyday citizens doing that in a parking lot? Of course there are times that people are exchanging things for legal reasons but there are also plenty of times that people are doing a quick exchange for drugs and or money, we do get those tips.”

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4 Comments to “Drug Use Detected Around SoHi”

  • Jack Booted says:

    So when we see police cars parked together like the Chief describes, and the donut shop is closed, are we to suspect them of wrong doing or are we supposed to do the Nazi thing and only report on all our neighbors that are not SS. I suggest that a flash mob type of reporting, everyone call 911 everytime all the time about all parked cars until the Chief says No Mas!

  • northernshrike says:

    All you have to do is google the party kids in sohi and kenai and look at there facebook,instagram and vine and you will see all the under age drug use and drinking you could ever imagine.Parents would be shocked at what some of the teenage girls put on there instagram and vine.

  • grace says:

    Exactly! Once society is willing to realize today’s youth is far more “corrupt” then they can imagine it will be easier to help them in the right direction. Sadly it’s more common for kids to use drugs then it was when I was a “kid” just 10 years ago. Stop worrying about society judging u and ur family and accept the possibility of ur child becoming an addict, as the disease does not care where u came from or ur skin color.

  • Krystal Walden says:

    If you actually read this article you would not be bashing teenagers in this instance. None of the people that were contacted were students or staff of SoHi or Soldotna Middle School. I agree that there are a lot more drugs offered to our teenagers now than it seems like there was when I was growing up, and yes I agree that we as parents need to monitor our teenagers social media pages (it’s a great place to learn) not only our teenagers, but the teenagers our children hangout with as well. But again thanks to the way this headline reads it seems to point the finger at SoHi and the middle school and seems as though it had nothing to do with either building or the children/staff that attend/work there.