Drifters Opened Tuesday, Wednesday

Drift gillnet fishermen will be opened in the expanded Kenai and Kasilof Sections of the Upper Subdistrict on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Aaron Dupuis, Fisheries Biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said drifters will be open Tuesday 8am to 11pm and Wednesday 5am to 11pm.


Pat Shields, Area Management Biologist with the ADF&G said they’re continuing to meet daily to consider management strategies, and it’s likely East Side¬† Set Netters will continue to be used conservatively as King Salmon numbers are still a concern. He confirmed the fishery has so far only been given one additional opening since the beginning of their season.


Shields also said that fishermen are anticipating a good opening tomorrow, with reports the fish are starting to draw nearer to the beaches.

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