Dr. Atwater Updates Borough on School Security

Dr. Steve Atwater, Superintendent of the local school district, updated the Kenai Peninsula Borough on local school security this week…


Dr. Atwater: “With regard to school security, of course the shootings in Connecticut prompted the whole nation to take a look at what we do with our schools; caused us to take a hard look at what we have for school security at each of our buildings and we found a bit of everything. We found some places where we just had some minor changes to improve security, such as changing locks on a door, where a door locked on the outside on the hallway side, rather than on the inside or the classroom side. And we also found some major changes that need to be made, in terms of these are with our older buildings. Homer Middle and Kenai Middle are the main ones. You come into those buildings and there’s no visibility, there’s no access from the main office area.”


Dr. Atwater said there are other works in progress…


Dr. Atwater: “We have money for security cameras from the state, and those are being put into place, and so we really appreciate working with the Borough on those. We’ve come a long way, and it really provides us with an extra layer of security.”

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