Dr. Atwater Supports Proposed Change of School Term Length

Posted: March 6, 2013 at 11:55 am

House Bill 155, sponsored by Representative Andy Josephson(D-Anchorage) is seeking to extend the term for school students in the state from 180-days to 190-days. We spoke to Dr. Steve Atwater, Superintendent of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, about that proposed legislation…


Dr. Atwater: “Yeah we haven’t had a lot of time to discuss it, but my first impression is yes, I support it. I think that its favorable to have more instructional time with the students. But again, I haven’t had time to work with my school board on a position, although I imagine they’d support it as well. The critical piece, of course, is we’d need funding to be able to do that, we cant just extend our contracts by ten-days, and not pay the people more money. We would need additional funding to go with it, and I’ve not seen any kind of  fiscal note attached to it.”


HB155 has been referred to the House Education Committee

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5 Comments to “Dr. Atwater Supports Proposed Change of School Term Length”

  • ed says:

    How about you cut back on the inservice days that you don’t instruct and have your teacher inservice at night and weekends….at no cost to the public!!!!

  • Mike S. says:

    Coming from the guy who home schools his kids….

  • Mark says:

    Many of the inservices are to cover things mandated by the state or federal government. The local district has no choice. Nights and weekends? First off, do you work nights and weekends for no pay? Why should they? But, they actually do. When do you think grading, planning and other related activities occur? Evenings and weekends without pay.
    They make lesson plans, grade papers, work on bulletin boards,supervise activities, etc. on their own time—at no cost to the public. Pretty good deal. My plumber doesn’t show up and work without pay. Nor does my mechanic.

  • Mike says:

    First of all, I would never take a job that makes me work with no pay, that’s foolish. Second, you work a job with good pay and benefits and have the entire summer off. Third, if you don’t like the situation you are in, find a better job

  • Mark says:

    Never said I did not like it. Go back and read. I never said one thing about not being happy with my pay and benefits. Go back and read. Don’t know why you are bringing those things up. I said that taking evenings and weekends for inservice would not work because teachers devote time to grading papers, planning lessons, planning ways to integrate technology into their classrooms, etc. I said that teachers already give the public a portion of their time at no cost to the public. Ed needs to be educated. I have 40 years in public education. When folks who have no clue what it is like and what is required to do the job make such statements, I think it is OK to educate them. Taking a job in which the needs of the children require more time than the contract pays for is foolish? I thought serving the public and going the extra mile to do so was noble.

    I have never complained about my salary or benefits or about the fact that working beyond contract is part of the whole package. I chose it. But I will not overlook an opportunity to respond to folks who simply don’t know what they are talking about.