Dr. Atwater Discusses Upcoming School Year

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is gearing up for the upcoming school year. Dr. Steve Atwater, Superintendent of the local district said that the district is ready for the the new year, with a lot of new faces in and around the district.


Dr. Atwater: “Yeah, we look forward to it, I think we’re in good shape, we have several new hires, several new principals, and we feel like we’re really strong, well positioned to kick off the year and do well. I’m not really concerned with what’s coming at us, there’s some long term changes coming to education,  but those are more in a couple of years from now, but for this coming year, we’re well positioned to do well, so I feel good.”


Atwater said that the district will continue to compare their progress against districts though out the nation


Dr. Atwater: “We consistently out perform the state in terms of test scores and those sort of thing. Our big challenge is measuring our self against the best in the country. The board has set a goal for comparing us as a school district to the best school districts in the country, so we’ll be spending this fall and this winter, looking into what it is that the very best school districts across the country are doing, and how do we measure up or how do we compare to those. That’s our next big challenge, to look beyond Alaska to compare us to the rest of the the country so that we can maintain our position on top.”


The first day of classes for local students will be August 20th.

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