DOT Presents Wide Variety of Kenai Spur Options

Posted: January 15, 2014 at 12:10 pm

From simply resurfacing the Kenai Spur to adding lights, clearing and a four-lane divided configuration, the State DOT gave residents plenty of options as last night’s scoping meeting.


Unfortunately, Jill Reese with the DOT said there was only one resident who came…


Reese: “We’ve gotten many, many comments off the website and submitted on the meetings we’ve attended. We’ve been a little bit underwhelmed about the number of citizens that have shown up now at the two scoping meetings that we’ve done, but it’s a small community and we feel the word’s getting out.”


That resident was Monica English, who lives near mile 3.5 of the Highway and said her mother was recently rear-ended while attempting to turn into their subdivision…


English: “The concern I have is exiting onto the Spur Highway from church hill, which is over by the big communication tower and the blind hill that you face in the Kenai direction, and exactly when that portion of the project will be tackled.”


English was concerned that since the City of Kenai has been one of the main forces behind the project, they may start a phased upgrade on the Kenai end of the Highway. However, Kenai City Manager Rick Koch said he’d likely make the opposite recommendation to Council. He said the Kenai end is more prone to moose accidents, which would be improved by lighting the area, while the Soldotna end suffers more from traffic congestion.


For the full project details, and to submit comments, click here.


The DOT said they could easily install lighting in the area, but it would up to the community to provide the $50,000 needed annually to keep the lights on.

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4 Comments to “DOT Presents Wide Variety of Kenai Spur Options”

  • Andi Flanagan says:

    Light it up and get rid of any “Moose Salad” alongside the road. Light it up!

  • Ed says:

    Andi it’s sight distance not lighting that saves the Moose Salad as you put it. Clearing the total right-of-way also helps….and both of this doesn’t cost $50,000.00 a year…..You must be a Democrat….how much are you willing to pay in taxes for your lights?

  • Bryan says:

    How about widening the highway to four lanes, get rid of the ruts in the highway, and increase the right of way. moving vegetation away from the highway. Then lets add some lighting to the situation.

  • Steve Wright says:

    Sun. 1/19/14 How about Saving those Funds to Pay for Better Maintenance ? Hire more Road Graders & Snow Removal Employees. & do the Snow Removal more often ?