DOT Monitoring Deteriorating Culverts on Kenai Spur Highway

The Alaska Department of Transportation currently has traffic cones in place on the Kenai Spur Highway just before Forest Drive in the City of Kenai, as crews are monitoring a long term project. We spoke to Rick Feller with the DOT office in Anchorage…


Feller: “The one that’s getting some attention right now is a 48-inch culvert that is deteriorating and causing some subsidence in the road bed itself, and that’s of course resulting in the noticeable sinking  of spots and the surface of the road itself. This culvert along with another culvert just a little further up the road, they’re scheduled for replacement next year in a project that’s currently under design.”


Feller also discussed work being done in that area…


Feller: “Basically trying to create a stable road surface that will last us into next year when the larger project will do a permanent replacement for the culvert. And so what you’re seeing out there now, as far as the cones on the Kenai Spur, we’ve gone back in twice now and compacted around the culvert as much as possible and had built up the road surface for a ultimate repaving this fall.”

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