DOT and ADFG Partner to Improve Traveler Safety

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Department of Fish and Game continue partnering in order to improve sight distance along roads.


Jill Reese with the DOT said they have multiple projects to improve the relationship between Alaskan roads and wildlife.


Reese: “One of them is to clear the right of way from roadside plants and trees in that when wildlife is hidden they can jump right out into traffic without any warning, by clearing the right of way gives motorists a chance to see the moose or whatever wildlife it is to take the evasive actions they need.”


We asked how far the vegetation will be cleared from roads this summer and she said it varies.


Reese: “We have the ability and of course the right to clear the entire right of way which varies along individual roads, along the major highways it can be as wide as 300 feet but then what you see is the roadway and the yellow line is not necessarily the center of the right of way.”


Reese also said that over the years of doing this have shown significant improvement in wildlife collisions.


Reese: “That’s why we continue doing this, we’re compiling records of moose collisions in the areas where we have this type of activity happening we also of course work with moose fences when those are appropriate, additional lighting, we have been able to reduce moose collisions especially in our areas of highest incidents.”


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